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Sponsoring Hot Hitz Radio can come in many forms. Some of our sponsors help us pay the bills. Some of our sponsors have donated a product, products, and other items to help us out. Other sponsors pay for advertising or they make a monthly donation. Another way to sponsor Hot Hitz is supplying items for our giveaways and prize packs. To fully run Hot Hitz Radio it takes a decent amount of funds. We are a privately owned radio network and that is a rare thing these days. We need your help.. Sponsor Hot Hitz Radio today.

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SPONSOR: ReliaStream

ReliaStream provides the streaming bandwidth Hot Hitz Radio requires to broadcast over the internet. They have over 1000 streaming radio plans to choose from. ReliaStream has been in business since 2008 and currently has over 2500 streaming radio stations running on their top rate dedicated servers. If you plan to do any streaming contact the ReliaStream team today.

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SPONSOR: NextKast Broadcasting Software

Hot Hitz Radio uses the NextKast Radio Automation software. NextKast software was created by a team of software developers based out of San Antonio, Texas, USA. Nextkast Internet Radio Automation Software is written and designed to give the user a professional sounding radio station without the learning curve of other automation software on the market today.

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SPONSOR: Blue Microphones

Hot Hitz Radio uses the Blue Yeti microphone. The Worlds #1 USB Microphone! Create unparalleled recordings with your computer using Blue's best-selling Yeti family of USB microphones. Thanks to our proprietary tri-capsule technology, Yeti microphones produce pristine, studio-quality recordings with legendary ease. And four different pattern settings offer incredible flexibility so you can record vocals, music, podcasts, audio for video, interviews, or even cryptozoology lectures in ways that would normally require multiple microphones. Whether you're recording at home, on the road, or in the Himalayas, Yeti helps you produce studio-quality recordings every time.

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